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Setup Membership Form

Setup Payment Options for WC Payments

How the membership form works

In order for the WC Payments plugin to function correctly, you must complete setup for the Business Directory, CRM and Member Manager plugins first.

When combined with the Business Directory plugin, the Member Manager and WC Payments plugins make it easy to receive new member payments right from your WordPress website using any payment gateway available thru the free WooCommerce plugin.

The membership form automatically creates new listings in your Business Directory, PLUS:

  • New Business members can sign up & pay for their membership right from your website.
  • Member benefits can be easily displayed on your site.
  • Automatically create a new Business Listing when the membership form is submitted.
  • Automatically create a new WooCommerce order to track the member’s payment.
  • Track renewal dates right from your Business Directory.
  • Keep your Directory up-to-date by removing lapsed members from display.

Membership Form Setup

The WC Payments plugin requires that the Member Manager plugin be setup first. You will need to create membership levels and add a new page to display your membership form.

If you have not completed this step, click here for directions to setup your membership form.

Connect with WooCommerce payment gateways

  • Step 3: Connect WC Payments plugin to the WooCommerce plugin

The WC Payments plugin must be connected to the WooCommerce plugin via the Chamber Dashboard settings page.

Go to Chamber Dashboard >> CD Settings >> Additonal Options to make this connection.

Member Manager Pro Settings
  • Step 4: Save your Permalinks
    • Go to Settings >> Permalinks – Click ‘Save’

That’s it!  Your membership form is now connected to your payment gateway of choice. When a new member joins via your membership form, a WooCommerce order will be generated to track the member’s payment.

NOTE: In order for WC Payments to process renewal reminders, the Business record, People record and user must be connected. This happens automatically when a new member submits the membership form.

However, if you have uploaded Business listings with a CSV file, you will need to connect each Business
to a People record and a WordPress user so that they are able to renew their membership. See ‘Onboarding for WC Payments’ workflow for details.

Install Free WooCommerce plugin

You will need to install the free WooCommerce plugin by Automattic in order to connect to a payment gateway using the WC Payments plugin. 

Manual WooCommerce Setup

> Set country & currency from the WooCommerce Settings General Tab.

Create & Map Checkout Pages
  • Create a new page called ‘Accounts’, add the [woocommerce_my_account] shortcode, publish the page.
  • Create a Cart page using the [woocommerce_cart] shortcode and a Checkout page using the [woocommerce_checkout] shortcode.
  • From the WooCommerce Settings ‘Advanced’ Tab, map your new pages and click ‘save’.
checkout pages
click on image for larger view

NOTE: The above WooCommerce pages are required for WooCommerce to process payments. However, you do not need to add them to your site’s menu unless you plan to sell products OTHER than memberships.

Stripe payment gateway

Setup your payment gateway from the WooCommerce Payments Tab. If you are just getting started, we suggest trying the Stripe Payment Gateway, as its setup is fairly straightforward. If you are not using the setup wizard, you will need to install Stripe from the Extensions page.

  • Go to WooCommerce >> Extensions to add the Stripe WooCommerce extension (plugin).
  • To use Stripe, you will also need:
  • Once you have installed the Stripe extension, from your site’s dashboard, go to WooCommerce >> Settings >> Payments tab to complete setup.
  • Be sure to test your setup before going live.

Add payment gateway

You may want to give your members more than one payment option for memberships. To add additional payment gateways to your membership forms:

  • You will first need to install the WooCommerce extension (plugin) for your gateway of choice.
    • Go to WooCommerce >> Extensions to select a WooCommerce extension.
  • From your site’s dashboard, go to WooCommerce >> Settings >> Payments tab to complete setup of additional payment gateways.
  • Be sure to test your setup before going live.

WooCommerce Setup Wizard

Note: You do not have to use the Wizard, scroll to the bottom of the first screen to skip the Wizard.

> Set country & currency – Store Setup 

click on image for larger view

> Extras – If you are only using WooCommerce to have access to additional payment gateways for Chamber Dashboard, you do not need to worry about using a theme that is compatible with WooCommerce.

click on image for larger view

‘Ready to Start Selling’, you can return to your dashboard.

click on image for larger view

> Select payment options to offer your members – Payment(If you are new to setting up payment gateways, we suggest starting with Stripe as their setup process is fairly straightforward.)

click on image for larger view

Activate Jetpack – It is not necessary to activate JetPack, you can skip this step.

click on image for larger view

Add payment gateways

Once you have connected the WC Payments plugin to WooCommerce, you can set up as many payment options as you like.

Setup additional payment gateways:

  • Go to WooCommerce >> Extensions, click on Payments link.
  • Select, download & install the gateways you’d like to use.
enable WooCommerce payment gateways
  • Go to WooCommerce >> Settings, click on the Payments tab.
  • Enable your gateway, then click the setup/manage button on the right.
  • You will need to setup an account with the payment gateway you have selected.
WooCommerce check payments, WordPress Business Directory plugin
  • That’s it! When your members fill out the membership or renewals form, they will be able to select your new payment option.
  • Test your setup by completing payment thru your membership form.

NOTE: When using the WC Payments plugin, your members will need to login to complete their payment. Once they have logged in, they will be presented with the payment options you have setup.

Visit WC Payments documentation for additional WooCommerce Setup options, including adding a print button to the order page.


Remove check payments

To remove the check payment option:

  • Go to WooCommerce >> Settings, click on the Payments tab.
  • Disable check payments and save your changes. The check payment option will no longer show up during the member payment process.
  • Test your setup by completing payment thru your membership form.
WooCommerce check payments, WordPress Business Directory plugin

Set currency & country field

Set Currency

  • WooCommerce >> Settings >> General
  • Scroll down to ‘Currency Options’ and select your currency
  • Be sure to save your changes!

Set Country

Display / remove countries on membership form

Once you have connected WooCommerce to WC Payments, the WooCommerce default list of all countries gets added to the country field of the membership form.  If the bulk of your members are from only one or two countries, you can select only these countries to show on your membership form to make things easier for your members at signup.

country field dropdown - show all countries

Set country Field to US only

To set the countries you’d like to display, go to:

  • WooCommerce >> Settings >> General
  • Scroll down to ‘Selling Locations’ and select ‘sell to specific countries’
  • Select the countries you want to show on your membership form
  • Be sure to save your changes!
WooCommerce sell to specific countries
Now only the countries you have selected will show in your drop-down menu.
Chamber Dashboard - set country field drop down menu

Add fields to the membership form

The following fields can be added to your membership form. Follow this link for details.

  • Donation field
  • Tax on membership fee
  • Processing fee
  • Referrals
  • Mailchimp signup
  • GDPR consent
  • Link to privacy statement
  • Custom fields

Display member benefits

With the Member Manger plugin installed, you can display your membership levels & benefits on your site as a list or a pricing table.

Customize WooCommerce payment notifications

WooCommerce sends a variety of email notifications based on the status of the order, including new orders, cancellations, failed orders, etc. For information on how to edit these, please visit the WooCommerce email notification documentation page.

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