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Test my Setup

Test Setup of WC Payments Plugin

Payment Gateway Setup

Once you have connected the WC Payments plugin to Member Manager plugin and setup your WooCommerce options, you can test your setup as follows:

  • Log completely out of your site.
  • From the front-end of your site, go to the membership form.
  • Complete the membership form.
    • Using WC Payments, your membership form will show a user registration section.
      NOTE: When WC Payments is connected to WooCommerce, the payment options will not show on the membership form. Users will be directed to login in order to complete payment and will then see the payment options that you have setup.
    • If you are using the Member Updater plugin, new users will be registered as a ‘Business Editor
    • If you are not using Member Updater, new users will be registered as a ‘subscriber‘.
  • Once you have submitted the form, login in to your dashboard to see that the following have been created:
    • a new Business
    • a new People Record, connected to the Business
      • New WordPress User is also created – this connects the People record and sets the member’s editing permissions.
    • a new order created & connected to the Business (thru the invoice)
    • NOTE: when using WC Payments, your users will not interact with invoices. They will interact with orders. It is not recommended to process an invoice when using WC Payments.
  • Once payment has been completed, login to your dashboard to see the following:
    • Membership Renewal Date (MRD) has been updated in Business record.
      • Note: The Recurring Payments plugin uses MRD date to send renewal reminders.
    • Order has been marked ‘complete’ & payment information recorded.
      • Invoice has also been marked ‘paid’.
    • A copy of the completed order is sent to the site admin.
    • A copy of the completed order is sent to new member.

NOTE: Be sure you are logged out of the site before filling out the membership form and completing payment. This ensures that the checkout screen will pull up the new user’s account in order for the payment process to complete correctly.

Check Payments

For check payments, this entire process must be manually updated, with the exception: manually changing the order’s status to ‘complete’ will automatically mark the invoice as paid.

Onboard new members to Chamber Dashboard

Recommended workflow for adding WC Payments to the Member Manager membership form.

Automatically Lapse Overdue Memberships

The Member Manager plugin can help you keep your Directory up-to-date by automatically marking overdue members as lapsed and hiding overdue listings until they are current again.

To test this process:

  • Go to Chamber Dashboard >> CD Settings >> Payments >> Membership Form Fields, check ‘Automatically Lapse Memberships’.
  • Create a test Business, set the status as ‘current’.
  • Create a new invoice. Set the Invoice Due Date for today.
  • Connect your new invoice with your test Business.
  • Tomorrow the Business will be marked as ‘lapsed’ and your invoice will be marked ‘overdue’.
  • Keep your directory current by selecting ‘Hide Lapsed Members’ under Member Manager Options as well.

NOTE: If it takes more than 1 day for the Business to be marked ‘lapsed’, you may want to update your timezone. From your dashboard, go to Settings >> General to set the timezone for your WordPress website.

Onboarding your members to the Chamber Dashboard payment system.

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