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Can’t Update Free Plugins

Trouble updating the Business Directory plugin?

WordPress plugins get updated all the time. In fact, you want the plugins and themes that you are using on your site to be regularly updated because this usually means new features are being added and bugs are being fixed. WordPress best practices recommend keeping your WordPress website up-to-date on a regular basis in order to keep it secure and running smoothly.

The plugins page on the WordPress dashboard will automatically show updates as they become available.

update Business Directory plugin for WordPress

Not seeing a WordPress update?

If you think there may be a new version of a theme or plugin available, you can force WordPress to check again for an update that has not shown up on your dashboard yet:

  • Go to Dashboard >> Updates.
  • Click ‘Check Again’ to refresh the page.
  • Any new updates will show up under ‘Updates’

Automatic plugin updates not working

If you have not updated a particular theme or plugin for several versions, you may run into issues when trying to update from an older version.

If automatic updating from the plugins page is not working, you can manually update to the most recent version of the Business Directory.

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