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Member can’t login

Before your member can login to your WordPress website, they must be setup as a WordPress user on the site.

There are 3 Chamber Dashboard plugins that you can use to setup a user account for new members during the registration process: Member Manager, Member Manager Pro and Member Updater. Once you have completed the setup steps for one or more of these Chamber Dashboard plugin(s), test your setup as follows:

If you are using the Member Manager or Member Manager Pro plugin and your member can’t login, try following the troubleshooting steps here: https://chamberdashboard.com/docs/plugin-features/members-only-content/

If you are using the Member Updater plugin and your member is having trouble logging in, try the Member Updater troubleshooting steps here: https://chamberdashboard.com/docs/plugin-features/member-claimed-listings/

NOTE: If you see the message ‘you are not connected to a business’ – make sure you are completely logged out of your admin account. Then login as your test user / member.

If you see this message when you are logged in as your TEST member, check to see that both the Business & People records have been connected & published.

If you have tried the steps above but your test member is still having trouble logging in, please contact us.

When submitting a support ticket, please include the specific steps you have taken and the results you are seeing so that we can recreate the issue.

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