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Can’t activate or update license

Can’t update plugin or theme?

If you are trying to update a premium plugin or theme and you see the following message:

Update Failed: Download failed. Unauthorized

Here are the steps to troubleshoot:

  1. Check to be sure your license key is entered and activated. Once you have entered your license key, try the update again.
    • Enter Theme License: Go to Appearance >> Themes >> Theme License
    • Enter Plugin License: Go to Chamber Dashboard >> Licenses
  2. Refresh connection – If your license key is already entered, try deactivating & then reactivating it. Then try the update again.
  3. Activation Limit – follow the steps below to see if you’ve reached your activation limit.

Activate License

Step 1: Enter the license number you received with your plugin or theme download. Save your changes.

Step 2: Click the Activate License button.

Activate license

Activation Limit

  1. If your license key has expired, visit your My Account page on ChamberDashboard.com to renew.
  2. You may have reached the activation limit for your license key. For example, you may have changed domains when moving from development to the live version of your site. Be sure to deactivate your license from your development site before activating it on your live site.
    • NOTE: You can also deactivate a site from your license key page, go to View Licenses >> Manage Sites.

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