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Website Translation

WordPress Website Translation

Need to translate your theme and plugins into your local language? Chamber Dashboard themes and plugins are translation ready. This means they can be localized; in other words, translated into the language of your members, making it much easier for your members to use your site.

If your site will be translated into one language only, this is commonly called localization. Since you will naturally create content in your native language, all you need to do is translate your dashboard, theme and plugins and you’ll be ready to go.

To fully understand the WordPress website translation process, it’s important to note the various areas of the site that need to be translated. This includes:

  • WordPress dashboard
  • Theme
  • Plugins
  • User-generated Content


WordPress makes this part easy. Translations for most languages are already available. Simply visit your WordPress settings page to select your local language. WordPress already includes language files that you can use to translate your WordPress dashboard. See details


Not all themes are translation ready. But the good news is that all of the Chamber Dashboard themes ARE translation ready. Once you have translated the theme, all of the text strings in the theme will appear in your local language, including customizer options, theme welcome page, etc. See details


All of the core plugins by Chamber Dashboard are translation ready. We are in the process of making these updates to the entire collection of Chamber Dashboard plugins. When you translate a plugin, all of the text strings in the plugin will appear in your local language, including the plugin menu, Business Directory fields, etc. See details


Localizing your site for a single location? Once you have translated the WordPress dashboard, you theme and your plugins, simply start creating your content in your native language.

Creating a multi-language site? Using the WPML plugin, you can create your content (including your Business Directory listings) in 2 or more languages making it easy for visitors to view your content in their native language.

Free Website Translation Tools

If your theme or plugin is translation ready, that means it includes a .POT file. You can use free translation software and the .POT file to translate your theme or plugin.

Website Translation Best Practices

Upload your translated .mo & .po files to the WordPress languages directory, not the theme or plugin languages directory. This way your translations will not be lost during the next update of your theme or plugin. See details on where to save your website translations.

Always create a backup of your translated files. Following our documentation, you will be instructed where to save your files within the WordPress file structure so that your files will not be overwritten when your theme & plugins are updated. But translating theme and plugins files does take a bit of work, so it’s always a good idea to save a backup copy of your translated files.

See how to build a multi-language website (external link)

Create a multi-language Business Directory


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