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Multi-language Business Directory

Create a Multilingual Business Directory


Chamber Dashboard & WPML

In order to create a multilingual site, you will need to create a second language version of every page, post, business listing, etc. on your site.  Below are the steps to translate your Chamber Dashboard Business Directory into a second language for front-end site visitors, using the WPML plugin. Translate your entire WordPress website.

The WPML plugin creates a structure for your site that connects your current pages, posts, businesses, etc. to your translated pages, posts, business, etc. Not only making it easier for you to manage translated content from your dashboard. But also creating a seamless transition for your site visitors to switch to the content that you have created for them in their own language.

Translate Business Directory with WPML plugin for WordPress

To translate your Business Directory, you will first need to setup your Directory in your primary language.  For this demo, we will use English as our primary language and French as our second language.

Step 1: Setup pages the following Chamber Dashboard Business Directory pages in English:

  • Business Directory page
  • Business Search page & Results page
  • Upload / create Business Listings
  • Upload / create Business Categories

Once you have your Directory and search pages setup and working in your primary language, it’s time to install the WPML plugin and start creating Listings in a second language.

Step 2: Install WPML plugin.

After purchasing the WPML plugin, you will need to install it, assign a language to your existing content and register for a site key with WPML.

Step 3: Select a second language for your Directory & Set Language URL Format

  • Go to WPML >> Languages to select a second languageClick on image for larger view.
  • Scroll to ‘Language URL Format’ and select ‘Different Languages in Directories’ option so that your French translation pages will appear like this:
    • http://yoursite.com/fr/member-directory/Click on image for larger view.

Step 4: Set Businesses to be translatable

  • Go to WPML >> Settings, set Business, invoices and Business categories to be translatable.
set business post type for translation, WordPress plugin
Click on image for larger view.
WordPress plugin, translate business categories
Click on image for larger view.

Step 5: Create a second language copy of each Business.

switch between languages

Option 1: Import second set of Listings

  • Import a CSV file of the French version of each of your Business Listings
  • Open each French Business, set the language of the Business to French, update, then use the ‘connect with translation’ option to connect to the English version

Option 2: Create translations from existing Listings

  • From the existing English versions, open each Business Listing, use translate option to create a new listing in your secondary language. Note: the WPML plugin will not actually translate your content.

Option 3: Members create their own Listings

  • Members create their own listings by signing up using the Member Manager online registration form.
  • Members can create their Listing in English or French. You will then need to create & connect a translated version of their Listing.

Step 6: Translate Business Categories

  • Go to WPML >> Taxonomy Translation
    • Be sure to update each French listings to use a French Business Category!

Step 7: Sync WordPress Menu with Second Language

  • Go to WPML >> WP Menus Sync to sync your translated pages with your current site menu.
translate WordPress menu - WPML menu sync
Click on image for larger view.

Step 8: Setup Search & Results pages for secondary language.

  • You should already have a search page and a results page for the English version of your Directory.
  • Next create a search page and a results page for the French version of your Directory.
  • Click on the ‘+’ symbol to create connected pages.
  • Enter the shortcode for the search page and the results page.
  • Check to make sure that the slug for your page is in ‘Different Languages in Directories’ format.
  • Should look something like:
  • Be sure to use the slug from the French results page in the shortcode on the French search page.
    • ie. [business_search_form results_page=”french-results”]

Translating Your Entire WordPress Site into 2 languages or more…

This guide is specific to translating your Chamber Dashboard Business Directory only. It is not a complete guide to WPML setup. 

Additional WPML setup instructions can be found here: https://wpml.org/documentation/getting-started-guide/

If you have questions about translating your Business Directory, we are happy to help. We may also refer you to the awesome WPML support staff for additional assistance.

Set Language for WordPress dashboard

Translate your WordPress dashboard or translate theme & plugins that you have installed on your site.

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