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Chamber Dashboard recommended themes

The Chamber Dashboard Business Directory plugin will pick up the styling of any WordPress theme that you have installed. If your current theme is not giving you the look you want for your site, Chamber Dashboard offers two gorgeous themes written specifically to showcase the many features of our plugins. Once you have selected and installed a layout, click on the documentation for that layout on the left to make setup even easier!

Chamber Inspired

The Chamber Inspired theme was written for merchants associations, visitor bureaus, chambers, artist councils…go ahead,
get inspired!

Chamber of Commerce website layout, WordPress Business Directory plugin, Inspired

See live demo

Chamber Beautiful

The Chamber Beautiful theme was written for merchants associations, professional organizations, chambers, artist councils…create a beautiful site!

Chamber of Commerce website layout, WordPress Business Directory plugin

See live Demo

Installing demo content

The Chamber Dashboard themes include starter site layouts and content that you can install with just a few clicks. Once you have your layout installed, customize your site, activate your new membership features and you are ready to go!

Finding a Free Word Press Theme

If you prefer to use a free theme from the WordPress Theme Repository, here are some tips & tricks for choosing the right one.

Working with 3rd Party Themes

The Business Directory plugin is written to pick up the styling of the theme you have installed, so that it will look great with a majority of 3rd party themes, provided the theme author follows standard WordPress coding practices. However, when using 3rd party themes conflicts do occasionally happen and can cause minor display issues.

Follow this link for more info on checking for theme conflicts.


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