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Onboarding members to Chamber Dashboard

Once you have imported your member Business Listings, you do not need to manually create invoices / orders for membership renewal. Simply send your members a link to your renewal form and an invoice will be automatically created once they complete payment.

Please Note:

  • Member Manager plugin uses invoices to process payments.
  • WC Payments uses orders to process payments.

Connect members to Business

Manually connect member to a Business listing

Connect existing WordPress users to a Business

Connect members to member account page

If you have existing WordPress users on your site, you can manually connect them to a Business listing.

To manually connect a Business to a WordPress user, create a CRM/People record and then connect both the user record and the Business record to the People record using the ‘connect to’ options within the People record.

If you have the members-only feature activated, the user/member can now login to the member account page to review their invoices.

Using the members-only feature, when a NEW member joins using the membership form, a new WordPress user and a CRM/People record are automatically created and connected to the Business listing.

The easiest way to connect users with an existing Business listing is to use the ‘Claim my Business’ form, included in the Member Updater plugin. Once you have this form setup, you can invite your members to ‘claim their listing’, which will automatically create both a WordPress user and a CRM/People record and register them as a Business Editor for their Directory listing.

Auto-Populate Membership Renewal Date

The Recurring Payments plugin uses the following to automatically send renewal reminders to your members:

  • Membership Renewal Date (MRD)
  • Billing email
  • Notification Time Frame

With the members-only feature activated in the Member Manager plugin, when new members complete payment via the membership form, the MRD and the billing address in their Business record is automatically updated.

For existing members (manually entered or uploaded via CSV), you can auto-populate the MRD in the Business record by simply sending your members a link to your renewals form for the first round of renewals. When an existing member completes payment via the renewals form, the MRD in their Business record will automatically be updated. You can then use the MRD as a reminder to send out future renewal notices either manually or using the Recurring Payments plugin.

NOTE: This assumes that the WordPress user and corresponding People record are connected to a Business.

Auto-Generate Renewal Reminders

If you are using the Recurring Payments plugin, be sure to enter a Membership Renewal Date (MRD) AND a billing email for all Business records.

The Recurring Payments plugin will automatically generate and send a renewal email including a payment link to your members when the MRD matches the notification time-frame you have selected. When the member completes their renewal payment, the MRD will be automatically updated.

Onboarding for WC Payments

In order for WC Payments to process renewal reminders, the Business record, People record and user must be connected. This happens automatically when a new member submits the membership form.

However, if you have uploaded Business listings with a CSV file, each Business will need to be connected to a People record and a WordPress user so that they are able to renew their membership.

Details on how to upgrade to WC Payments and connect Business records to user records can be found in the upgrade to WC Payments workflow.

Create manual invoices / orders

If you do find a need to manually create an invoice or an order, we recommend that you use the membership or renewal form as if you were the member. You can then send a link to the invoice to the member for payment.

NOTE: You do NOT need to complete payment, simply complete the form to generate an invoice.

Welcome Email to New Members

Follow this link to see how to automatically send a welcome email to new members from Mailchimp.

Update members to Business Editors

Enable members to edit Business listing

When upgrading to the Member Updater plugin, note that both a WordPress user and a Chamber Dashboard People record must be created and connected to the Business before your users can edit their Business listing.

If you are already using the members-only content feature, members who registered thru your membership form are already connected to their Business listing and their user record has been assigned the WordPress subscriber role. For these users, all you need to do is to update them to the ‘Business Editor’ role.

Manually update existing users to Business Editor – This can be done manually, one at a time, or in bulk. See step-by-step instructions here.

Once you have updated existing users to the Business Editor role, they can update their listing and submit events to your calendar.

Connect members to existing Business Listings – To connect users with an existing Business listing, the Member Updater plugin includes a ‘Claim my Business’ form. Once you have the form setup, you can invite your members to register as a Business Editor for their Directory listing.

Setup member claimed listings.

Admin setup of Business Editors – If you prefer to do the setup for your members, a WordPress user and People record will need to be created and connected for each member and then connected to the Business record. The easiest way to do this is to complete the member claimed listing form on behalf of each member. Set their email as their user name and then send them a link to your ‘Edit my Business’ page along with their email.

NOTE: There is no need to send users a password. They can simply use the ‘lost password’ feature to set their own password.

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