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Sending Invoices

Automatically create & send invoices

New members

When a new member joins and completes payment using the Member Manager membership form, an invoice is automatically created and sent to the new member. The membership renewal date and billing email are updated in the listing and the site admin is also notified of the payment.

With the members-only feature activated, the member can login in to their account page
to see or print previous invoices if desired.

Renewal invoices

When a member renews using the Member Manager renewal form, an invoice is automatically created and sent to the new member.

Automatically send renewal reminders

When using the Recurring Payments plugin, membership renewal reminders are automatically emailed to your members based on the notification time frame you select.

Manually send invoice on demand

To send an invoice immediately, open the Business listing, click thru to the connected invoice and
use the ‘Email Invoice’ option to send or resend an invoice.

NOTE: If you are using the WC Payments plugin, click thru to the Order and click on ‘order actions’ to manually send or resend the order.

Onboarding imported Business listings

Using the renewal form is a great way to onboard member listings that have been uploaded via CSV file, as the renewal form automatically populates the membership renewal date and updates the billing email.

See more workflow recommendations for site admins.

Troubleshoot invoice not sending

To troubleshoot an error in sending invoice notifications, first check that the Business and invoice
are connected and that a membership renewal date and billing address are entered in the Business listing. See step-by-step troubleshooting steps here.

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