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Upgrade from Member Manager to MM Pro

Make the switch to Member Manager Pro

Using the free Member Manager plugin, an invoice is created to track new member & renewal payments.

When you switch to the Member Manager Pro plugin, a WooCommerce order will now be created to track member payments. Orders are paid via the new payment gateway that you setup in WooCommerce. (Invoices will still be created, but they are for tracking purposes only.)

Existing invoices generated by the Member Manager plugin before you updated to Member Manager Pro will need to be paid thru Paypal. When payment is received Paypal Transaction ID will be recorded on the invoice and the Membership Renewal Date will be updated as tho you were still using Member Manager. ​

However, when a new member joins via the membership form, or when the renewal form on your site is completed or when the Recurring Payments plugin generates new renewal reminders, these will be created as WooCommerce orders and require payment to be processed thru the new payment gateway(s) that you have setup in WooCommerce.

Recommended Update Process Step-by-Step

We recommend creating a clone of your site, updating to Member Manager Pro on the clone, and running some tests…getting familiar with WooCommerce orders BEFORE doing the update on your live site.

NOTE: Be sure to deactivate Recurring Payments on the clone so no reminders are sent out while you are testing.

Recommended steps to update: 

  • Create a clone (exact copy) of your site to practice on.
    • Deactivate the Recurring Payments plugin on the clone.
  • Install Member Manager Pro & WooCommerce.
  • Run a test for every scenario of membership payments, new member, renewing member, payment of existing invoice with MM Pro installed.
    • Record the process from the user side in case you need to answer member questions.
    • Record the updates to your admin / record keeping process.
  • Once you are comfortable with the changes:
    • Make a full backup of your live site.
    • Put your site in maintenance mode so that you do not have members interacting with your site while you are trying to update.
    • Install Member Manager Pro & WooCommerce on the live site.
    • Test again.
    • Take your site out of maintenance mode.

NOTE: It is usually a good idea to keep your Paypal account open until all delinquent invoice have been actually paid, manually marked paid or deleted.

Cleaning up delinquent invoices

This can be a good time to clean up unpaid invoices by deleting them or marking them as ‘paid’, updating the Membership Renewal Date in the Business listing and then using the Recurring Payments addon to generate a new orders when renewals are due.

NOTE: If you are manually generating invoices for items other than memberships, you will need to create WooCommerce products and a product page to sell these item once you have switched to Member Manager Pro.  

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