Deactivate comments on Business Directory pages

How can I turn off comments on my Business Directory pages?

Whether or not comments are enabled is controlled by either WordPress or the theme. Chamber Dashboard plugins do not have anything to do with enabling comments.

Between the theme and WordPress settings, there may be more than one option for turning comments off. We suggest you review your WordPress Settings and theme settings to see if you can determine which settings need to be updated in order to disable the comment option on this page.

Some places to start:

Sitewide – from your WordPress dashboard, go to Settings >> Discussion and UNcheck the option to let people comment on new articles.

On individual pages – open the page/post scroll down below the Edit screen to Discussion Tab and UNcheck the option to allow comments and pingbacks.

If you do not see the Discussion Tab, go to the top right, click on Screen Options and check the Discussion box.

Note: Every theme is different. You’ll want to check the settings for the specific theme you are using to see if there are settings related to comments. Hint: most themes offer some type of documentation, which is a great place to start!