Delete data from Business Directory plugin

Deleting Member Data from
Chamber Dashboard plugins

Delete ALL data from the Business Directory plugin

Go to the Chamber Dashboard settings page and select ‘Delete ALL data on deletion of plugin’.  Then deactivate and delete the Business Directory plugin.  All associated databases will be deleted as well.  Please note, this process is not reversible.

Delete an individual record from the Business Directory

Before deleting individual Business Directory Listings, we recommending deleting all connected records first. Once you have deleted all connected records, delete the businesses and empty the trash to completely remove the Listing from your database.

Delete Connected Invoices

Open the Business Listing from your website’s dashboard and navigate to ‘Connected Invoices’. Delete all connected invoices by mousing-over the invoice name, then clicking ‘Trash’.

delete invoice



To completely remove the information from your database, click on ‘Trash’ next and then click the ‘Empty Trash’ button.

empty trash



Delete Connected Orders

If you are using Member Manager Pro, each invoice is connected to an Order.  You can find the ‘Connected Order’ from the Invoice.

Delete Connected People Records

Open the Business Listing from your website’s dashboard and navigate to the ‘Connected People’. Delete all connected people records: click on ‘Move to Trash’. Then delete from the trash by clicking the ‘Empty Trash’ button.  Hint: If you are using the Member Manager Pro or Member Updater plugins, you may want to delete the connected User record first!

Delete Connected Users

From your website’s dashboard, go to Users, or click the link to ‘Connected User’ from the People record. Delete the user record.