Display a Search Form

Business Directory Search Form

Step 1:

Display a business directory search form on your Chamber website, by creating a page and inserting the following shortcode: [business_search].

The page with the [business_search] shortcode will display the search form. You can put the [business_search] shortcode anywhere on the site (including a sidebar widget).

Step 2:
Next, create a separate page to display the search results using this shortcode: [business_search_results]

You must use these two in conjunction, but on separate pages.

Step 3: 
Add the required parameter – results_page=”name-of-results-page”, using the slug of your search results page, to your [business_search] shortcode.

For Example: If the title of your search results page is ‘Search Results’, then the slug is probably ‘search-results’, and the shortcode for your search form should look like this [business_search_form results_page="search-results"]

Hint: To get the slug, of that page, you can edit the page, and right under the title, you will see the page’s URL. Part of the URL will be highlighted in yellow – that is the slug. Or, you can get the slug by going to the page, and finding the part of the URL that comes after the last “/”.

There is also a Business Directory Search widget. To use that widget, you also need to have a page with the [business_search_results] shortcode in it.

Member Business Directory - Search Widget_600


Search Business by Name

Using the search form your website visitors can search your Directory by business category, keyword or business name. Keep in mind that if you have opted to ‘hide lapsed members‘ using the Member Manager plugin, members with overdue invoices will not appear in search pages.

Search Results per Page

The default number of search results shown is 5. You can change this to show more results per page or fewer results per page under Chamber Dashboard settings.