Add a New Business

After installing the Business Directory plugin, you can add new businesses manually or by importing them from a CSV file… Read more

Import Businesses via CSV File

The Business Directory includes a free CSV import tool that you can use to import an existing set of businesses right into your Directory from a CSV file… Read more

Recommended Image / Logo Size

Recommended logo / image size for Business Directory There is no standard size for logos in your Business Directory.  As you can see in our User Showcase, it really depends on how your Directory is laid out, whether you are using the business logo or featured image in your Directory and the overall look you … Read moreRecommended Image / Logo Size

Displaying Maps

Display Google map on single Business Listings or add a map of all Listings to any page, filter by category and more… Read more

Google Maps API Key

If maps are not displaying properly in your Business Directory, you may need to create your own Google Maps API key… Read more