Export Members to CSV or Excel Spreadsheet

Get a better view of your data

You may want to export membership data from your Chamber Dashboard website to a CSV or Excel spreadsheet, for  further processing, analysis, and reporting.  Or you may simply want to send an email to a specific group of contacts, print a list of current board members.  Whatever your reason, exporting just got easier!

Simply install Chamber Dashboard Exporter.  Then go to Chamber Dashboard Settings >> Export.  Choose the set of data you want to export, Businesses, People or Invoices and select the fields you want to include and click ‘Download CSV’.

Download Member Exporter Plugin

For example to Export a list of Board Members:

  • Go to Chamber Dashboard Settings >> Export
  • Step 1: Select People
  • Step 2: Select Limit by Category >> Choose Board Member Category
  • Step 3: Select Business Name, Email plus additional fields to export or choose Export All
  • Click ‘Download CSV’ button

See all fields available for export