Finding the Best Member Management Software

If you have been searching for a Member Management software program for your association, you already know it can be challenging to find the right tools to help keep track of members payments and renewals, get shared access to member data, keep track of key contacts, all while giving your members the best value for their membership…aka staying within budget.  🙂

Some of the most popular tools like ChamberMaster and WildApricot offer lots of awesome features, but can be expensive. Chamber Dashboard offers you an open-source alternative.  Chamber Dashboard is a collection of WordPress plugins that gives you the tools you need at a price-point that leaves your association plenty of room to grow.

Get all the features you need without a per member fee.

Only pay for the level of support you need.

 Chamber Dashboard Member Find Me Chamber Master Wild Apricot 
Searchable Member Directory Displayed on Website  X  X  X  X
Event Calendar, Registration, Tracking  X  X  X  X
Member / Contact Database  X  X  X  X
Multiple Admins XXXX
Online Payments X  X
Connect with eNewsletterX  X
Unlimited Members X X 
Unlimited Design Choices X   
Responsive / Mobile Design X   

If you have a WordPress site and are looking for a better way to:

  • Be Responsive to your Members
  • Save Time and Money on Administrative Tasks
  • Increase Visibility for your Members

Check out our plugins…you’ll be glad you did!

In the interest of full disclosure, nothing in life is free.  As with any software, you’ll either need a working knowledge of how to install a WordPress Plugin or a webmaster who can help. 

Documentation for webmasters

User Forums for DIY’ers.

Check out our Starter Kit – choose your layout and install your membership site in minutes.

Using only our free core plugins?  Get access to priority support.