Fixed: Wrong image posted to Facebook

Ever have an issue getting the right image to show up when you share your blog posts to Facebook or other social media sites? It’s happened to me…I am using a lovely image in my blog post, but when I share the post, the wrong image is posted to Facebook and all that shows is my site’s logo…or worse, only text!


Manually update Facebook image for blog post

You may already know that when you copy/paste your blog post URL into Facebook, a preview gets automatically generated. If your post looks great, all you need to do is scroll down to ‘share now’ to add the post to your Facebook page.

Manually update Facebook image for blog post
Facebook auto-populates preview of post

If the auto-preview feature does not pull up the correct image, no worries, you can manually upload the image you’d like to use. A bit more labor intensive, but a solid solution.

Fix wrong image posting to Facebook from WordPress by manually uploading new image

This is all well and good when you are posting your own blog posts. But what about when your member shares their Directory listing or another site visitor shares a post from your site? Here’s an easy solution, using a well-known free plugin, to make sure your blog posts look great no matter who posts them!

How to set specific image as Facebook thumbnail

The Yoast SEO plugin for WordPress lets you choose exactly which thumbnail image to display for each post and Business Directory listing on your membership site.

When writing a new post or editing a Directory listing, scroll down to Yoast SEO meta box and click on the social tab. Then upload the thumbnail image that you want to display with your Facebook post. You can also edit the post title and description if you want these to be different on social media than for your site.

Set Facebook image for blog post using Yoast SEO social options

Troubleshooting with Facebook Debug Tool

Once you have added the thumbnail image to your post that you want to show on Facebook. Be sure to update your post to save your changes.

If you are still not seeing the correct preview when you post to your Facebook page, you may need to clear your site’s cache.

Facebook uses Open Graph (og) tags to select which image will be displayed from your post.

To troubleshoot issues with Facebook Open Graph tags, try Facebook’s debug tool. Simply copy/paste the your URL of your WordPress post into the debug tool to get started.

One common error is “Provided og:image is not big enough.” Facebook prefers images that are at least 200px by 200px, so you may need to use a larger image.

Another common error is “The following required properties are missing: fb:app_id“. You do not need to worry about this unless you are creating a Facebook app for your website, please follow the steps found here:

We hope this information was helpful in correcting the wrong or missing image being posted from WordPress to Facebook.

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