How to hide a WordPress page title

Need to hide a WordPress page title for your page or post?

By default, WordPress displays the title of every page. Page titles can be useful for drawing your user’s attention, as well, they provide a definite SEO benefit. However, there are times when you might not want to use a page title.

For example on a home page where the page title does not fit with the custom look you are trying to create. Or on a landing page where your goal is to draw attention elsewhere. 

Use a plugin to hide a WordPress page title

If you only want to hide the WordPress page title for a few pages or posts on your site, one option is to use a plugin.

To search the WordPress Plugin Repository, login to your WordPress installation, go to the Plugins page, then click on ‘Add New’ and search for ‘hide page title’

To install, click ‘Install Now’ then ‘Activate’.

hide WordPress page title with a plugin

Once you have your plugin installed and activated, open the page that you want to hide the title for. There is usually a simple checkbox that you can now use to hide the title.

hide WordPress page title with a plugin

The nice thing about using plugins found in the WordPress Repo is that they are free, so you can try a few to find the one that works best for you!

Use your Theme to Hide a Page Title

If you are using a premium theme, the option to hide the title for a specific page or post may be included. These settings are typically found within the theme settings or in the meta boxes of the page itself.

hide WordPress page title within your theme

Use CSS to Hide a WordPress Page Title

If for some reason you wanted to hide all of your page or post titles, this is definitely possible with CSS. If you need details on this method, here are a couple of tutorials to get you started!

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Please Note: This is a WordPress feature that we have included for your convenience. If the Hide Page Title feature is not working properly on your site, we suggest visiting the support forums or contacting the plugin developer for assistance.