How to add a welcome new member feature to WordPress home page

Welcoming new members right away to your association, chamber or club is key, not only to engage them with other members, but to laying a strong foundation for your new members to build a relationship with your organization for years to come.

Welcoming new members by featuring them on your home page is a great way to make them feel appreciated and get started on the right foot.

Adding a welcome new member feature

Before we get started adding a welcome new member feature to your home page, we make the assumption that you are already using the Business Directory plugin and have a Directory page setup on your WordPress website.

Once you have your member data imported and have setup your association’s main Directory page, you can use the Business Directory block to add a welcome new member feature. The block gives you even more control than the Business Directory shortcode, including the option to limit the number of Businesses showing and hide the pagination.

Step 1: Add a new heading to your page – ‘Welcome New Members’

Step 2: Add the Business Directory block to your home page

  • Open your home page.
  • Click the ‘+’ sign to access the WordPress block library.
Business Directory block plugin

Step 3: Display only the most recent new members

  • Set the number of Businesses per page to match the number of columns.
  • Disable the pagination. This way only the first few listings will be displayed.
  • Order listings by date. Set listings to show in order of publish date.
  • Set Order to ‘descending’. So that the most recently added will show first.
welcome new member feature, WordPress home page

That’s it! That is all you need to do so that your most recent new members will automatically show up on your home page. Now when a new member joins via the Member Manager membership form and a new listing is automatically created in your Business Directory; as soon as it is published, this new listing will also automatically be displayed in the ‘Welcome New Members’ section of your home page.

Add a welcome new member feature to WordPress home page

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