How to change WordPress page links

Update permalink for a WordPress page or post

Every page, post or custom post type on your website has it’s own unique URL. This URL is referred to as the permalink for the page. Think of it as the exact address of the page. If you share the link with someone, they can go directly to the exact page you want them to see, without having to click thru your site’s navigation to find it.

This is especially useful when sharing posts or pages in your member newsletter, on your social media pages or via email because it creates a much smoother experience for your user.

Permalinks usually look something like this; a combination of the domain and page name:

Once a page has been published, changing the permalink is not recommended, as this may cause visitors to encounter a 404 or ‘page not found’ error.

However, there are a few instances when you may find it necessary to change the link for your page, for example to improve the SEO quality of your content or to clarify what the page is all about.

How to change the permalink for a page or a post

Changing the page title, does not affect the link. In order to update the permalink for a page, you will need to edit the page ‘slug‘.

The ‘slug‘ is the part of the permalink at the end. By default, the slug will match the page title. In the above example ‘contact-us’ is the page slug. The slug can be changed by editing the page from your site’s dashboard. From the edit screen, click on either the title of the page or ‘permalink’ in the document settings.

After updating your permalink, be sure to save your changes!

Change WordPress page link

How to view WordPress page permalink

Once you have updated the slug, you can visit the page from the front-end of the site and check the URL in your browser to see that the permalink has been changed. For example:

Change permalink for Business listing

Chamber Dashboard Business Directory listings are custom post types. So in order to change the permalink, you can use the same as the process for a regular WordPress page or post.

From your dashboard, edit the Business. From the edit screen, click on either the title of the page or ‘permalink’ in the document settings to make your changes.

Remember, simply changing the name (title) of the Business will not update the permalink.


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