How to link pages to site menu in WordPress

How to link pages to site menu in WordPress

Whether you are building a site for a professional association or a neighborhood association, a chamber of commerce or an arts council, an important first step is to add pages and content to your site. Once you have created your new page, you’ll want to link your page to your site’s navigation menu so that your members can easily find it.

This tutorial will teach you the basics of how to create a new WordPress page and how to add that page to your WordPress site menu. Linking pages to the site menu creates a great UX (user experience) for your members!

Add a page to WordPress website

In order to create a new page, first login to your website’s dashboard. Then click on ‘pages’ from the left-hand menu to open a list of all of the existing pages on the site.

How to link pages to site menu in WordPress

Next, click on ‘add new’ under ‘pages’.  This will open a new blank page in WordPress.

Give your new page a title that will let your visitors know what the page is about. WordPress will automatically convert your page title into the permalink or ‘slug’ for your page. The permalink is the unique link that opens this specific page on your site. Each page of your site has its own permalink. You can change the permalink by clicking on the ‘edit’ button.

Use this WordPress editor screen to add text, images, shortcodes, etc. to your page.


Use the ‘preview’ button to check your progress and see your page from the front-end (as your members will see it) before it is complete. Once you have your content ready to go, click the blue ‘publish’ button to save and publish your page. Now that your page is live, anyone with the permalink can view the page.

Pro Tip: If you are not ready to publish, you can save your page as a draft and come back to work on it later. Draft pages are not visible to the public.

How to link to a page to a menu in WordPress

Now that your page is live, anyone with the permalink can view the page. However, depending on how your theme is setup, the page may or may not automatically be added to your site’s menu. To make it as easy as possible for your members to find their way around your website, you’ll want to link your new page to your site’s navigation menu.

Step 1: Create a new navigation menu for your site

  • Go to Appearance >> Menus.
  • Click on the ‘create a new menu’ link at the top of the page
  • Give your menu a name and click ‘save’

Step 2: Add pages to your menu:

Your new page should show up at the top of the list on the ‘Most Recent’ pages tab. If it does not, click on ‘View All’ or use the ‘Search’ option to find and select your page.

  • Select the pages you want to add from the list of pages.
  • Click the ‘Add to Menu’ button.
  • Your pages will show up at the bottom of your new menu.
  • You can reorder and create sub-menu items by clicking & dragging.

Recommended Business Directory pages to add to site’s navigation.


Step 3: Set your menu as the theme’s primary menu

WordPress gives you the option to automatically add new pages top-level pages your menu. This means every time you add a new page, it will automatically show as a main navigation item.

Since you will likely have more than one menu, most themes also give you the option to choose a particular menu to be the primary menu. The location of the primary menu is based on your theme and may change if you decide to switch to a new theme. These options are shown at the bottom of the menu page.

WordPress navigation menu pages automatically added

Don’t forget to click the blue Save Menu button at the bottom of the page to to save your menu! Open your site in a new tab and make sure your new menu is ready for visitors.

Pro Tip: If you do not see your changes right away on the front-end of your site, you may need to clear your cache.