How to allow members to submit blog posts on your WordPress site

Setup member submitted posts

Your members are the heartbeat of your organization, celebrating their successes brings benefits to everyone. Sharing their content makes them feel heard and connected, both within your organization and with the broader community.

Unlock the power of user generated content, by giving your members the option to submit their own posts to your association’s news feed. Make it easy for your users by setting up the option to submit content from the front-end of your site. This new content will help boost your site’s SEO by increasing visibility, not only for your organization, but for your members as well.

Allow user submitted posts on a WordPress website

Here’s what you need to setup a member submitted blog post option on your site:

  1. A self hosted WordPress website.
  2. The free Member Manager plugin by Chamber Dashboard.
  3. The free User Submitted Posts plugin, by Jeff Starr.
Follow these steps to setup member submitted posts on your website:

STEP 1: Setup members-only content feature

  • Install & activate the free Member Manager plugin on your WordPress website.
  • Create a new page called ‘Member Account’ & add this shortcode: [cdashmm_member_login_form]
  • Go to the Chamber Dashboard >> Member Manager settings page.
  • Enable the members-only content feature and map your new member account page.
  • Be sure to save your changes!
activate member account page screenshot, go to Member Manager settings page, enable members only content i
Member Manager settings

STEP 2: Setup member submitted posts option

  • Install & activate the User Submitted Posts plugin.
  • Go to plugin settings to select the fields to show to your members for submission.
  • Go to Pages >> Add New, create a new page called Member Submitted News.
  • Add the USP shortcode to this page. [user-submitted-posts]
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and restrict the content to all membership levels.
  • Be sure to ‘Publish’ your new page.
  • Add your new page to your site’s menu.

NOTE: Because you have restricted the member submitted posts page to member-only, members will need to be logged in before they can submit their post. This will prevent unauthorized posts from being submitted.

STEP 3: Engage your members & share their news…greater visibility for everyone!

  • When members submit a new post, your site admin will be notified.
  • Once you have published the post, be sure to share to your social media channels and encourage your members to do the same!

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