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How to setup member to member deals page in WordPress

‘M2M’ Member-to-Member Deals

Offering exclusive content is an excellent way to add value for your members. Joining a professional organization typically includes a free subscription to their newsletter. Including free copies or discounts on industry related journals, video tutorials, books, white papers, etc., makes membership in your organization even more attractive to both current and potential members.

Finding ways to give your members exclusive bonuses or discounts that they won’t find anywhere else, could potentially save them money on content that they are already paying for. This could be the turning point to justifying the cost of your membership!

Exclusive content could come in a variety of formats, including deals at local shops, access to industry specific training or materials available by subscription only. An easy way to get started is simply to reach out to current members who are interested in offering deals to fellow members. This will improve their visibility within your organization as the offer is shared with all members. You can also recommend that they require in-person contact to redeem the deal, as this will build stronger relationships with their fellow members as well!

Create a M2M deals page

Here’s all you need to setup a members-only, member-to-member deals page:

  1. A self hosted WordPress website.
  2. The free Member Manager plugin* by Chamber Dashboard.
  3. Special offers that are available exclusively for your members.

*Also works with Member Manager Pro plugin.

Follow these steps to create a Member-to-Member deals page…
  • Install & activate the free Member Manager plugin or the Member Manager Pro plugin on your WordPress website.
  • Create a new page called ‘Member to Member Deals’.
  • Create a new page called ‘Member Account’ & add this shortcode: [cdashmm_member_login_form]
  • Go to the Chamber Dashboard >> Member Manager settings page.
  • Enable the members-only content feature and map your new member account page.
  • Be sure to save your changes!
activate member account page screenshot, go to Member Manager settings page, enable members only content i
Member Manager settings
  • Go back to your new M2M deals page and restrict access to all membership levels. This will allow members at any level to view the page, while restricting access from non-members.
  • Update the page to save your changes.
restrict content by membership level screenshot, WordPress plugin i

That’s it. You are all set to reach out to your members and start adding deals to your new page!

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