6 Ideas for local SEO marketing for associations

Increase traffic to association & chamber websites

Here are ideas for local SEO marketing for associations and chambers of commerce that you can put into action today to increase traffic to your site.

Your website is the key to positioning your chamber or membership organization as THE GO-TO RESOURCE for information about your local community.  As you build awareness of your organization, your website and the resources you offer, your goal is to make your website the hub of all activities, a place your visitors can not only connect with your organization, but get engaged with their community.

The best local SEO marketing for associations is to share your content.

Share it in-person. Share it on social media. Share at networking events, in presentations, in meetings. Promote your website as a go-to resource every time you have a chance. Give people a reason to visit your site. In other words, every time you have a chance, mention your site as the place to find…

1) Community volunteer opportunities.

Free Events Calendar for Membership Groups

Add volunteer opportunities to your events calendar (external link). Network with local nonprofits, encourage them to regularly post their volunteer opportunities as well. Share this information with your members both in person and via your social media channels.

2) Community resource guide.

Partner with your local library to put together a printed guide of family services, neighborhood groups, public service numbers, senior services, etc. Partner with members and other local business owners to cover printing expenses. Create a downloadable PDF version to post to your website. Be sure to give it a memorable name so people can find it in Google search!

3) Professional Trainings.  

From business management, to accounting, to online marketing, to government contracting, in order to be successful, business owners need access to the latest industry knowledge and trends. List upcoming trainings on your events calendar, offer online registration.

Be sure to share event links on your social media pages!

4) Featured Member Businesses.

Regularly shine a light on member businesses by creating feature posts about them. Create a short questionnaire for the business owner to fill out that highlights a unique, special or new aspect of their business. Use this information to create a spotlight post about the business.  Be sure to include:

  • A bit about their history in the area
  • A link to their website or their listing in your directory
  • Pictures!

Share the feature link on your social media pages. Send the link to the member and encourage them to share as well.

5) Map of Local Hotspots.

local SEO marketing for associations - photoby-kelsey-chance-575541-unsplash

Add a map to your site that displays all of the best places to eat (external link) in your area or the best nightlife.  Map out the local parks, recreational activities or arts & culture attractions.

6) Photo Galleries of Recent Events.

Create a quick recap of recent events to post to your site. Share thoughts from members in attendance about why they came and what they appreciated most about the event. Including images in this type of post creates an authentic connection to the organization and of course shows how much fun your events are! 6-12 images usually gets the job done.

  • Be sure to optimize your images for SEO before you post them.
  • Be sure to share your posts to your social media channels.

Check out the Gutenberg media gallery

Gutenberg photo gallery

Build SEO Value for your Membership Site

The good news is that all of these activities also build SEO value for your website.  Google values content (external link) over all else.  Not just any content, but quality content.  So, how do you develop quality content?

  • Make it Relevant – When your visitor lands on your site, you want them to find the answer to the question they typed into the search bar.  Create content that is unique and differentiates you from your competition.
  • Timely – Google values fresh content and so do your visitors.  Add and update your content regularly. Think of your site as a local news source. Keep it up-to-date so your visitors have a good reason to return.
  • Useful – Build pages that are well-organized and easy to read. Use keywords, but don’t over do it. Write for humans, not bots. Create posts with useful information. Information that the reader is likely to save or share.

Your website is a valuable resource for your organization. Start putting it to work today!

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