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Showcase sponsor logos – link to Directory listings

Let’s face it, if you are running a membership site, you typically have a least one level of member that you’d like to offer special recognition to. Maybe it’s your top level members who always step up to make events happen. Maybe it’s your founding members who started the organization in the first place. Whoever they are, key partners deserve the spotlight.

Here’s an easy way to say thank you to event sponsors, key donors, founding members, etc… showcase their logos on your website using the Logo Gallery block included in the Business Directory plugin by Chamber Dashboard.

PLUS, when you use our logo gallery block, each sponsor logo will automatically open the single Business page for the attached listing. Double bonus for your members!

Showcase sponsor logos

To get started, simply install the Business Directory plugin and add the logo gallery block to a page.

Select the level of membership you want to recognize by filtering by the membership level or category and publish your page. That’s it! The logo gallery block is fully responsive and compatible with a touch screen interface. Each logo automatically opens the member’s single listing page, but you can set this feature to off if desired.

Watch the video below or keep scrolling for more details.

Connect sponsor logos to Business Directory listings

When you use the logo gallery block, sponsor logos are automatically connected to their Business listing. This is a great way to offer key partners additional recognition and visibility on your site.

Step 1: Create a new page.

Step 2: Add the logo gallery block to your page.

  • All Business listings with a logo will be displayed.
  • Set the order for logo display.
  • Select an image size.
  • Filter by category or membership level.
  • Publish your page.

That’s it! Your logo gallery will be displayed on your site with each logo automatically linked to the single Business listing page.

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