Mailchimp WordPress plugin for Business Directory

Want to add new members to your newsletter list during the registration process? The Mailchimp WordPress plugin for the Chamber Dashboard Business Directory plugin is just what your site needs. This plugin automatically adds member emails to the Mailchimp newsletter list of your choice.

The Mailchimp WordPress plugin is perfect for associations, chambers and membership organizations, making it easier than ever to collect emails and add them to your newsletter list. This is a premium plugin that works with the free Member Manager plugin from Chamber Dashboard.

Purchase Mailchimp newsletter plugin here

Once you download the plugin, install through the WordPress admin or via FTP and activate it.

Easily connect the plugin with your Mailchimp account using a Mailchimp API key (external link).

Connecting your Mailchimp account with Chamber Dashboard

Go to the plugin settings page. You can do that by either clicking on the ‘Settings’ link under the activated plugin or go to Member Manager options where you will find an additional tab called ‘Additional Member Manager Options’. Here you will find the Mailchimp settings.

Mailchimp Settings Link
Mailchimp Addon Settings tab
Mailchimp settings in Member Manager Pro

Member Manager Pro users can find the Mailchimp settings as part of the Member Manager Pro settings tab.

Enter your Mailchimp API key and click on the ‘Save API Key’ button. You should then see a ‘API key successfully saved’ message next to the button and also a drop down with all of the Mailchimp lists from your Mailchimp account. Select the list you would like to add the new members to.

Update the message that shows up on the Join Now form to encourage new members to join.

Mailchimp checkbox on the frontend

Click on Save Changes. After the settings are saved, you will now see a checkbox before the Submit button on the Join Now form.

When a new member joins, they can now opt to your list and you can use Mailchimp to help automate your new member Welcome and on boarding process.