Member Manager Pro Beta Release

New Payment Gateways Added to Chamber Dashboard

We are pleased to announce the release of
Member Manager Pro (Beta version) for Chamber Dashboard!

As you know, the free version of the Member Manager plugin makes it easy to accept membership payments right from your WordPress site using Paypal. Now, Member Manager Pro connects to WooCommerce to give you a choice of payment gateways such as Stripe,, Amazon Pay, Square, PayFast, First Data, just to name a few.

Looking for Beta Testers!

We have tested Member Manager Pro extensively. However, there is no way to test for every possible configuration of hosting, or combination of plugins on WordPress. So we are releasing the plugin in Beta to help ensure that there are no problems with this new plugin. Beta testing is pretty common (think Gmail which is technically still in Beta), and remains one of the most important phases of the plugin development life-cycle.

We invite you to purchase the Member Manager Pro Plugin now, at a HUGE discount, to test this new plugin out on your development site and give us your feedback.

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What you’d need to do:

  • Beta testing is pretty straightforward. Install the plugin on your development site. Try out all of the features, and report any errors that it throws or mention any possible improvements you’d like to see.

What’s in it for you:

  • A free upgrade to the final version of the plugin, that will include even more new features!
  • We’d love to show our appreciation for your efforts by adding your logo and a link to your site to our ‘Sponsors & Contributors’ page.
  • The undying gratitude of the people who use the plugin on production environment for protecting them from possible crashes.

A small downside:

  • Beta versions do not always work perfectly right out of the box. Of course this could be considered an upside if you enjoy problem solving and being on the cutting edge of new developments. 🙂

Start Beta Testing Now


We do have plans to add additional features to Member Manager Pro before it’s official release.
If you have suggestions, we’d love to hear them!

Send suggestions!

Registering New Users

If you are using the Chamber Dashboard Member Updater plugin so that your members can update their own listings. The registration process just got easier!

Member Manager and Member Manager Pro now include user registration fields that display when Member Updater is activated. This means new members will be automatically set up to edit their Business Listings as soon as they are published and no longer have to complete a separate form to access their Listing.

Get Member Updater Plugin


See the Chamber Dashboard plugins in action…


Member Manager Pro is currently in Beta. This means that some features or specific parts of the plugin are still in testing mode. Some of the features of this Beta plugin are not yet 100% stable, and thus should NOT be relied on to be working properly OR working at all. It is NOT recommended to use a Beta plugin on a site that you cannot afford to have fail. We DO recommend trying the Beta version on your development site, sharing your feedback with us and getting a deal on pricing.


This Beta release will help us collect some early feedback and identify any potential issues ahead of time. If you prefer to wait for the official release, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to hear about it!

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