Member Submitted Events

Looking for ways to build traffic and increase engagement for your association’s website? Look no further! The Member Updater WordPress plugin now lets you give members access to submit their own events to your online community calendar.

When a member submits an event, the site admin will receive an email notification. The admin can follow the link from this email to approve or reject the event. Approved events will appear on your calendar. The user submitting the event will receive notification once the event has been approved. Rejected events can be deleted.

Using the Member Updater plugin, when a new member is registered, they will automatically be setup to make edits to their Business listing AND submit their own events, right from their member account page!

(Setup member account page)

Get step-by-step instructions for setup of member submitted events here.


Development note: This is an early release. We will continue to iterate and improve the member submitted events feature in future updates of the Member Updater plugin.
We’d love to hear your feedback, submit requests for updates and feature requests here.

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