New Features Added to Chamber Dashboard Business Directory

We have been working hard on the Chamber Dashboard Business Directory plugin over the past few weeks.  It now has the capability to display maps of business locations, and display custom icons based on the business’s category.  You can export all of your businesses to a CSV.  If you already have a business database, you can import into Chamber Dashboard from a CSV.

We will continue to work on the Business Directory, adding new features as requested and troubleshooting any problems people find with it.  However, I am going to shift my focus to working on a People Directory: this will be a CRM that will let you keep track of the people in your chamber community and link those people to businesses.


4 thoughts on “New Features Added to Chamber Dashboard Business Directory”

  1. Hi,

    I like the concept of what you are building.

    Having built a few chamber websites in the past, I have some suggestions (you may have already thought of these, but just in case).

    1) have a way to feature businesses. Some members have different levels of membership, and they should be allowed to be sorted at the top (either overall and/or by their category). Also widget plug in for either a member of the x, random member, etc is good to have.

    2) for the event manager, make sure to account for limited number of seats.

    3) membership manager should also allow for them to be “upsold” when they register for things like mailings, event sponsorships, etc.

    4) for the events manager, not sure if you can post to a facebook group calendar, but that would be good too (bi-directionally for free events, even better).

    Best of luck!


    • Thanks, Pete! Those are some great suggestions. Several of them are already on my list (featured business, sorting by membership level), but several of them aren’t, so I will add them. I really appreciate your feedback!

  2. Hi Morgan,

    The timing of finding you plug-in has been great for us. We are a small chamber and in the process of updating our site to make it responsive, have better directory, and more. Pete’s comments are excellent. His suggestions have been on our list as well, and a few more.

    It is great to see the map added, and the ability to have a rand of additional value-added options for members. As Pete said, with the ability to upsell.

    We have an interesting stat from Small Business Canada, that less than 25% of small businesses have websites. This can be a real opportunity for Chambers to assist them get online and linked to social media.

    We are planning to have our updated site up which includes your Chamber Dashboard Directory plug-in later next week.

    We also look forward to your enhancements, and plan to donate to provide support once we are up and running with our updated site. It would be great to get a few hundred chambers using this plugin. 🙂

    We would like to hear from others using the plug-in. Maybe we could setup a Linkedin group for the Chamber plugin?

    Director, Esquimalt Chamber

    • Thanks, Bruce!

      That is interesting how few small business have websites – Chambers can provide some web presence for these businesses that can be very helpful!

      I would also like to see a few hundred chambers using this plugin. 🙂 We really are just getting started, and hope to be able to provide everything chambers need to maintain their websites and manage their organization.

      We are planning to set up a page on LinkedIn – I love the idea of creating a LinkedIn group!

      Now we just need to add more hours to the day….


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