New Version of Chamber Dashboard Events Calendar!

We have just released a new version of the Chamber Dashboard Events Calendar, which includes many new features and enhancements!

Recurring Events Revamp

screenshot-edit-recurringRecurring events now work very differently.  In the old version, you created one event with many recurrences.  The major disadvantage to this was that every occurrence of the event was listed at the top of the page, which could get very unwieldy.  You also couldn’t edit one event in the series.

With the new version, each occurrence of a recurring event is a separate event.  This means that you can edit each event individually.  However, if you want to edit all of the events in the series, you can do that too!  This gives you much more flexibility in working with recurring events.

List View

screenshot-list-viewOne of the most-requested features for the Events Calendar is a list view, and it is finally here!  Your calendar will automatically have an option for list view.  If you want the list view to be the default view, simply use the following shortcode: [events_calendar view="list"]

iCal Support

Now your users can subscribe to your calendar!  At the top of the calendar view is a link that says “Subscribe to Calendar.”  You can enter that link URL into Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, or most other calendar programs and events will automatically be added to the calendar!

On each individual event, there is also an iCal link so that you can save the event directly to your calendar.

Lots of other bug fixes

This new version fixes lots of other little annoyances: the sidebar widget now obeys your settings for the first day of the week, and dates are no longer in 24-hour format unless you want them to be.

Update to Chamber Dashboard Events Calendar 2.0 to take advantage of these new features!