General Information about Chamber Dashboard

Directory & Membership Plugins

What are the Requirements for Chamber Dashboard Plugins?

Chamber Dashboard plugins are compatible with WordPress versions 4.2 and above and PHP versions 5.4+.

Are Chamber Dashboard plugins compatible with WordPress Multisite?

Yes, Chamber Dashboard plugins are compatible with WordPress Multisite installation.

Will Chamber Dashboard plugins work on sites?

No. does not allow you to install plugins. Chamber Dashboard plugins only work on a self-hosted WordPress Installation.

Do you offer refunds?

Yes. We offer 100% refund within 14 days of the purchase. View our full Refund Policy, Terms & Conditions.

How long will I have access to premium plugin updates?

Note: The core plugins are free to download and use. Access to support and ongoing updates applies to premium plugins only.   Your data is stored on your site and will not be affected if you decide to uninstall any of the Chamber Dashboard plugins.

Included with your premium plugin purchase is access to support and plugin updates for 12 months. After 12 months, you can renew your access to your premium plugin or continue to use the version you have installed. (This model is typical for the majority of premium plugins in the WordPress market.)

The plugin will continue to work even after your license has expired. However, you will no longer have access to plugin updates or customer support. If Chamber Dashboard or WordPress make changes and we release an update in the future that affects the functionality of the plugin, you won’t have access to the latest version in order to keep the plugin working correctly.

Revenue from our premium plugins makes it possible for us to maintain and provide support for the whole Chamber Dashboard plugin series. If you renew your license within 60 days of it expiring, you receive a 20% discount on the renewal.

What WordPress themes do Chamber Dashboard plugins work with?

The Chamber Dashboard plugins are written to pickup the theme features of any theme that you have installed. This gives you the choice of using almost ANY theme in the Theme Repository, plus thousands of premium themes for your project.  That being said, we occasionally come across a theme that causes conflicts with Chamber Dashboard.

The good news is, since the core Chamber Dashboard plugins are free, you can download and test them out before selecting your final theme.

Check out the new Chamber Beautiful theme or our list of recommended Free WordPress Themes

How do I get support for Chamber Dashboard plugins?

  • Customers with a valid and current license for a premium extension can reach out to us by opening a support ticket.
  • Customers using the Free open-source plugin only, have access to resources on the support page.

Chamber Dashboard provides support related to Chamber Dashboard plugins via Email/Support Tickets. Please Note: We do not provide product support via e-mail, Facebook, or Twitter nor do we offer phone support or live chat.

How do I get started with Chamber Dashboard?

The core Chamber Dashboard plugins are free. Getting started is easy!  Simply download and install the plugins here. Although these plugins will take any membership organization’s site to the next level, they were written especially with Chamber of Commerce websites in mind. Once installed and configured, your site will have a directory of member businesses, a new member sign up form and even a contact management database (CRM) so you can track and manage your members.

5 Min. Getting Started Guide

Does the Business Directory allow members to update their own listing(s)?

Yes! The Member Manager plugin interacts with the Business Directory, creating a new record each time a new member signs up. The record is held as a draft until the organization publishes it, giving you control over your directory. Chamber Dashboard customers with the Member Updater plugin installed, can then offer people the option to sign in and update their own listing(s).

What payment systems work with the Chamber Dashboard plugin series?

Chamber Dashboard currently works with Paypal only. The option to use other payment gateways is under development.


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