Reduce Spam: Disable WordPress Comments

If you are not using comments on your site, disabling comments can be a good way to reduce spam and speed up your WordPress website. There are a variety of ways to turn off WordPress comments, keep reading to get started with the simplest options.

By default, WordPress gives you the ability to either disable comments on specific posts or pages or to completely deactivate comments for your whole website.

Follow the steps below to see how to disable comments in WordPress.

Disable WordPress comments site-wide

To disable all future comments on your site, you can turn off comments under WordPress settings, on the Discussion tab.

  • Go to Settings >> Discussion.
  • UNcheck the ‘allow people to post comments’ option.
  • Save your changes.

This will remove the comment box that shows at the bottom of every blog post and prevent any future comments, spam or otherwise on your blog posts.

If you had posts that were created before you disabled comments on your whole site, you will need to go back and disable comments on these individually. Keep reading for instructions on how to disable comments on a single posts.

Should WordPress comments always be disabled?

If your membership organization is using WordPress to create their website, your blog page is a great way to share member news or updates that affect your members locally. If your goal is to start a discussion, one way to eliminate spam is to only allow comments from members who are logged into your site. (This option can also be found under Settings >> Discussion )

Or you may not be using your blog page at all, focusing instead on static pages like member services, about the board, contact us, etc. In this case it may not make sense to allow comments at all.

If you are mainly using your blog to publish announcements and news, but you occasionally want to publish a discussion piece, you probably don’t want to have to worry about spam comments on most of your posts. In this case, you might want to enable comments only on certain posts or pages.

Turn off comments on a single post

  • Go to Posts.
  • Mouse-over the post and click on ‘QUICK EDIT’.
  • UNcheck the ‘Allow Comments’ option.
  • Update your post.

If you have several posts to update, you may want to try the WordPress bulk edit feature to disable comments on multiple posts at the same time.

How to approve comments or delete spam

If comments are enabled on your site, you should see a comment option at the bottom of every post.


When a comment is submitted, it will appear under comments in your WordPress dashboard. From here you can review the comment and decide whether to publish or delete it.


Disable comments on Business listings

Chamber Dashboard Business listings are custom post types. Chamber Dashboard themes, Chamber Beautiful & Chamber Inspired do not allow comments on the Business listing custom post type. So you don’t need to worry about turning off comments for these.

However if you are using a 3rd party theme, comments may be displayed on single Business listings. To disable comments for Business Directory listings, first disable comments for the entire site as discussed above.

Then, disable comments for any existing listings:

  • Go go Businesses.
  • Mouse-over the post and click on ‘QUICK EDIT’.
  • UNcheck the ‘Allow Comments’ option.
  • Update your listing.

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