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How did ShopLocal get started?

A small group of business owners got together to brainstorm ways to get the word out so their customers would know what businesses were open for curbside pick-up or delivery, what was in their neighborhood, and did they sell what the customer was looking for.

Our goal is to help our economy by keeping local businesses going strong and help our community by keeping our friends and neighbors employed!

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All listings on this site are searchable by neighborhood, category or key word.

PLUS, every time the Directory page is loaded, the listings are randomly shuffled, so your Business always has the chance to come up first.

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How does ShopLocal work?

ShopLocal is a premier business directory for local businesses. Register here to add your business and update your information anytime. Even every day, if you’d like!

The site is searchable by neighborhood, category or key word. When you add your listing to the site, be sure to include as much information as possible. Make it easy for new customers to find you!

For example, if you are salon that offers manicures and and someone needs a manicure. The user can search for “manicure” and if you have the word manicure in your listing’s description and you are currently scheduling manicures – they can call you! Or if you’re a restaurant, and you offer reservations, someone may be looking for that too.

Hmmm, manicure, dinner reservations, sounds like date night!

How can I create the best listing possible?

The best way to be found on ShopLocal is to make your listing as robust as possible. Put some thought into making your listing awesome. Be sure to add photos and links to your listing…and don’t forget to add your social media pages.

Check to be sure that your contact information is correct and up-to-date. If you offer curbside-pickup, be sure your address is listed!

Select the appropriate category so that your business shows up and is easy to find. Contact us directly to add tags such as; minority owned, women-owned, family-friendly, pet-friendly, delivery, gift cards, etc.

Can I place my listing wherever I want it to be?

One of the things we love about the site is that every time the Directory page is loaded, the listings are randomly shuffled, so your Business always has the chance to come up first.

On ShopLocal, your listing is the front door to your business! That’s why it’s important to showcase your listing in the best light possible. Make sure to add a photo to your listing, it’s a great way to grab attention!

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