Business Directory plugin for WordPress now fully compatible with WPML

Translate Business Directory

You asked, we answered! The Chamber Dashboard Business Directory is now fully compatible with WPML, the WordPress Multilingual Translation Plugin.

This is good news especially for multi-cultural chambers and membership sites. Your can now make your Directory more accessible to large sections of your target audience who may speak and write in a language other than your own by translating your Directory into a second or even third language!

The WPML plugin (external link) gives you the tools you need to create great content in multiple languages from a single WordPress installation. WPML is one of the most well-known and popular plugins in the WordPress marketplace. They have an excellent reputation and offer great support.

Multicultural Membership Sites

WPML is a WordPress plugin that helps you turn your website into a multilingual resource for your members. As you build your multicultural Chamber of Commerce you can now translate part or all of your content, as well as your Business Directory, to better serve your members in their own language.

WPML integrates with your WordPress menu so that if your visitor speaks Spanish, but your site’s existing language is English, they can easily switch to see the Spanish version of your content without getting lost on your site.

Get Started: Translate Business Directory

Translating your Business Directory does take a bit of setup. Follow this link to Creating a Multi-language Directory: A step-by-step guide to get started!  

Or visit the WPML site (external link) for even more information on translating your website.

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