Updates Chamber Dashboard Business Directory

Important Update to Chamber Dashboard Core Plugins!

We have recently made some administrative changes to the Chamber Dashboard Business Directory.

If you are currently using the Business Directory plugin, version 2.8 or earlier, CRM plugin version 2.2 or earlier and/or Member Manager plugin version 2.2 or earlier, we recommend updating now, following the steps here:

  1. Make a full backup copy of your entire site.
  2. Deactivate & Delete the Chamber Dashboard Business Directory plugin. (Note: You will not lose any data. All of your Directory listings will still be there when you install the new version.)
  3. Go to Plugins page, click on ‘Add New’.
  4. Search for Chamber Dashboard and Re-install the Business Directory.

That’s it! You are now updated to newest version of Chamber Dashboard. Check out our 5 Min. Setup Guide to take advantage of the full Chamber Dashboard plugin series.