Scottsville Chamber of Commerce

Chamber Dashboard User Showcase


Benefits & Time Saved

“The Greater Scottsville Chamber of Commerce is a small organization with only 66 members.  All time provided to tracking membership is volunteer and, over the years, as various people assumed this responsibility, many errors occurred resulting in poorly maintained records.

After an extensive search for programs or services that could help us automate the process and insure a more accurate database I came across Chamber Dashboard.  Many other options were too costly for our small Chamber or required a Chamber Office and computer where software needed to be installed eliminating the potential of handing off membership tracking to someone else who would be working from their home or office.  Chamber Dashboard incorporates into our WordPress website which allows me to simply setup additional users for shared access from anywhere with a wifi connection. Plus I can easily delete a user when it comes time to pass the job along to the next volunteer.

As with anything there is a small learning curve to understanding how Chamber Dashboard works but the customer support is outstanding and many of my initial questions were answered in a prompt manner.  Once you are comfortable with the system and understand how it helps you track your membership you will be happy you chose Chamber Dashboard!

The Greater Scottsville Chamber of Commerce has realized the following benefits of using Chamber Dashboard:

  1. The online membership application process instantly puts the new member information into your records and notifies you when a new application (or renewal) has been submitted.  No more ‘lost’ membership applications because someone did not record it!
  2. The invoice segment makes tracking who has paid, or not, very simple.  It has made verification of paid status much easier and more accurate.  Our revenue from dues is better than ever because we can now verify instantly who has paid and when the paid.
  3. It has always been a chore for us to determine when to send out annual renewal notices.  It was not feasible to send out notices on the anniversary of payment so we just used to mail everyone in November.  This was not fair to those who just joined or renewed in mid-year.  With Chamber Dashboard renewal dates are tracked and the system automatically will email out a renewal notice on the chosen anniversary date.  This feature has been well received and keeps our members happy.
  4. I also maintain our Chamber website and, in the past, it was difficult to obtain business information from the membership coordinators about the member businesses to be put on our website.  With Chamber Dashboard the member directory information is taken directly from the business record.  Changes to business information is made in the member’s record – no more fooling around with HTML!  If a business is no longer a member it only takes a click of the mouse to remove them from the directory – same for adding a new listing.

There are many other benefits to using Chamber Dashboard but the biggest being the ease of membership tracking that it brings and the accuracy if affords to our members.”

Brian L.,
Scottsville Chamber of Commerce

Plugins in Use:

  • Business Directory
  • CRM
  • Member Manager
  • Recurring Payments