WordPress Bulk Edit

Bulk Edit options are determined by WordPress

From the admin posts (businesses) screen, if you select more than one record and then select Bulk Edit >> Apply, you can edit the whole group of records at once.  This feature is useful if, for example, you want to add several records to the same category.

WordPress bulk edit

Add a Category or Membership Level with Bulk Edit

To add all records in the ‘Drinks & Dining’ category to the ‘Family Restaurant’ category, first click on ‘Drinks & Dining’ to filter your listings, then select all records showing and click on ‘Bulk Edit’ as shown above.

With the bulk edit screen open, simply choose the category you’d like to add and click ‘Update’ to save your records.  All of the records you selected have been added to the new category that you selected.

Remove a Category or Membership Level with Bulk Edit

WordPress Bulk Edit does not offer the option to delete categories. We suggest doing a search on the WordPress Plugin Repository to find a plugin to accomplish this.

Pro Tip: This is a WordPress feature that we have included for your convenience. If the Bulk Edit feature is not working properly on your site, we suggest visiting the WordPress.org support forums for assistance.