Get to Know Chamber Dashboard’s Easy-to-Install WordPress Member Directory Themes for Membership Associations

Chamber Dashboard’s easy-to-install WordPress member directory themes are an all-in-one solution for membership association websites.

Whether you run a chamber of commerce, merchants association, or a business networking group, you’ll appreciate how Chamber Dashboard’s themes and plugins can help you create your website and manage your organization without coding.

In this guide to Chamber Dashboard’s WordPress themes you’ll learn:

  • Who Chamber Dashboard’s themes are for
  • The features of the Chamber Dashboard member directory WordPress themes
  • An overview of Chamber Dashboard’s WordPress member directory theme layouts
  • How to install Chamber Dashboard WordPress themes

Who Chamber Dashboard WordPress Themes Are For

Chamber Dashboard’s easy-to-install WordPress themes were created specifically for membership organizations, like chambers of commerce or merchants associations. They’re ideal for such organizations that want to be able to easily create beautiful websites and manage their members.

Chamber Dashboard offers functionality for those who don’t want to spend forever building a website (external link) but need it to just work.

Chamber Dashboard’s business directory templates for WordPress make it easy to build a membership site. Rather than installing a generic theme, while implementing custom plugins for managing your group, Chamber Dashboard’s themes are all-in-one tools for launching your professional organization.

They’re made for membership organizations and come with tools that make it easy to manage your organization. Chamber Dashboard’s WordPress themes not only enable you to publish content and information, but they also make it possible to accept new members and manage contacts through your website.

You don’t have to know how to code to install a Chamber Dashboard WordPress theme. Installation is a breeze thanks to a helpful installation wizard that walks you through the process and automatically installs plugins that let you manage a member directory, accept payments, track contacts with members, and publish an events calendar.

Unlike most WordPress themes, which look nothing like the demo (external link) when you install them, Chamber Dashboard’s themes are virtually ready to go upon installation, so you can hit the ground running in just a few minutes.

Chamber Dashboard WordPress Theme Features

Every Chamber Dashboard WordPress theme comes with these powerful features.

Online Registrations

Accept new membership applications and payments via your website with Chamber Dashboard’s WordPress themes. With this membership form plugin, your website automatically creates a listing on the backend of your website when a new membership application comes in.

You can publish it manually after you accept the member.

WordPress Member Directory - Chamber Dashboard membership signup form

Accept Payments

New members can pay their dues through PayPal via your Chamber Dashboard-powered website. Note that other payment methods are in the works. You can also manually keep track of payments with Chamber Dashboard.

A recurring payments feature automates payment reminders for members.

WordPress Member Directory - Chamber Dashboard membership signup

Business Directory Template

The hallmark feature of these WordPress member directory themes is a searchable listing of members that you can easily add to your website. This feature also lets you import member data in bulk.

WordPress Member Directory - Chamber Dashboard theme

Events Calendar

Publish upcoming events and accept event submissions from members with the calendar feature.

WordPress Member Directory - Chamber Dashboard event calendar

Meet the Team

You can easily feature board members and staff on your website with the Chamber Dashboard CRM plugin.

WordPress Member Directory - Chamber Dashboard member showcase

Feature Members

You can also highlight members throughout your website with a Chamber Dashboard WordPress theme.

WordPress Member Directory - Chamber Dashboard membership listings

Members-Only Content Restrictions

Create gated content, like exclusive job opportunities, that only members can see by logging in.

WordPress Member Directory - Chamber Dashboad membership functionality

Member Management

This feature lets members login and update their account information. It also gives administrators access to reports on member counts and new sign ups, and lets them export that data.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

The customer relationship management tool lets website administrators keep notes about current members and potential members. You can add an activity, a date, and notes about what you talked about with that member on a given occasion.

WordPress Member Directory - Chamber Dashboard CRM

Google Maps Integration

This feature makes it possible to show where events take place.

Chamber Dashboard Member Directory WordPress Theme Layouts

Chamber Dashboard offers two WordPress member directory themes that come with several layouts that are ideal for various use cases.

The Chamber Beautiful theme is a responsive theme (external link) designed for chambers of commerce, business networking groups, councils, and other membership organizations. This theme has a sleek, professional design.

Chamber Beautiful comes with an eponymous default layout option and two alternative layouts: the Business Networking layout and the Merchants Association layout.

WordPress Member Directory - Chamber Dashboard theme 4

The Business Networking (external link) layout is ideal for networking groups.

WordPress Member Directory - Chamber Dashboard networking organization theme

The Merchants Association (external link) layout is perfect for retail membership groups.

WordPress Member Directory - Chamber Dashboard theme 2

Chamber Dashboard’s second WordPress member directory theme is called Chamber Inspired. It has all of the same features as the Chamber Beautiful theme, but with a slightly different design that features the organization’s logo more prominently.

This theme also offers an eponymous default layout and two alternative layouts: Visitors Bureau and Arts Council.

WordPress Member Directory - Chamber Dashboard theme 3

The Visitor Bureau (external link) layout is a great option for local tourism organizations.

WordPress Member Directory - Chamber Dashboard tourism theme

The Arts Council (external link) layout makes it easy for organizations dedicated to the arts to show off their members’ works and events.

WordPress Member Directory - Chamber Dashboard arts council theme

While these layouts can be used as-is for their suggested purposes, they can also be customized for any kind of organization or business.

Take a look at how some Chamber Dashboard WordPress theme users thought outside of the box with their websites.

WordPress Member Directory - Chamber Dashboard design showcase

How to Install Chamber Dashboard’s WordPress Member Directory Themes

Installing a Chamber Dashboard WordPress member directory theme was designed to be straightforward.

Here’s how to get started:

  1. Purchase the Chamber Dashboard WordPress theme from the Chamber Dashboard website. Download it to your computer.
  2. Upload the theme (external link) to your WordPress website by logging into WordPress, hovering over Appearance on the left sidebar, clicking Themes, selecting Add New, then Upload Theme, clicking Choose File, and uploading the Chamber Dashboard theme file.
  3. When you activate the theme, the installation wizard will guide you through the download process which includes:
    1. Installing child themes (external link), which lets you choose the specific layout you want. This part of the process also helps to ensure that any changes you’ve made won’t be overwritten with new theme updates.
    2. Adding a license key, which enables remote updates and theme support.
    3. Installing plugins to enable key features.
    4. Choosing a layout.

Installation is now complete and your website will resemble the demo of the layout that you chose.

Final Thoughts: Easy-to-Install WordPress Member Directory Themes

Membership organizations take a lot of work to manage. They need websites that can work hard for them.

Chamber Dashboard’s WordPress member directory themes are made for membership organizations. Our installation wizard and plugins make it possible to create powerful websites that can accept members, publish events, keep track of contacts, and more, in just a few minutes.

Download Chamber Dashboard’s WordPress themes today.