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WordPress Member Payment System

Not just any WordPress plugin

Let’s face it, we all have things to do.  Here’s how to simplify your member payment system process and save yourself some time in the process. Chamber Dashboard plugins create a member payment system right from your website.  Accept new member payments, automatically create new listings in your Business Directory, send renewal reminders all right from your WordPress dashboard! 

The free Member Manger includes a Join Now form that lets you accept new member payments and renewals from your website anytime! Plus, a new listing is automatically created in your Business Directory whenever a new member joins, making your life simpler and keeping your Directory up-to-date.

Track Upcoming Renewals

Keep track of upcoming membership renewal dates for the month by sorting your Directory listings by the Membership Renewal Date column.

Membership Renewal Dates, WordPress Member Payment System


Automatic Membership Renewal Reminders

Send up to 10 automatic renewal notices with the Recurring Payments plugin. Allow members to sign up or renew automatically on a recurring basis. Offer easy renewals via email or website. 

Notification Timeframe, Recurring Payments WordPress plugin

Outstanding Invoices

Installing the Recurring Payments plugin also gives you access to a list of outstanding invoices with the 30-60-90 Report. Export payment information into CSV file for additional reporting options.

Overdue Invoice Report, WordPress plugin


Recent Payments

Install the Recurring Payments plugin to see recently paid invoices as well, with this handy at-a-glance view right from your WordPress dashboard.

List of Membership Payments, WordPress Member Payment System
Recurring Payments plugin