Create a newsletter archive on a WordPress website

Members-Only newsletter archive on a WordPress website

Creating a newsletter archive can be as simple as creating a new page on your WordPress website and then linking to PDF copies of your newsletter. In this tutorial, we’ll take you step-by-step thru the process.

NOTE: If your newsletters are strictly for subscribers, you can restrict access to this content by activating the members-only feature in the free Member Manager plugin.

To create your newsletter archive, you will first need to save your newsletters in PDF format. Depending on the current format of your newsletter, you can usually find a free online tool to help with this. Once you have your newsletters in PDF format, upload them to your site’s media library.

If you are using a newsletter platform, like Mailchimp or Constant Contact, they may already provide links to your previously published newsletters. In which case, all you need to do is organize these links on a page to create a newsletter archive on a WordPress website.

Either way, once you have your newsletters formatted and ready to share, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Create a new WordPress page

  • From the dashboard of your site, create a new page called ‘Newsletter Archive’.
  • Save your page.
  • Go to Appearance >> Menu to add the page to your site’s navigation.

Step 2: Add a tab block to your page

Kadence Gutenberg tab block
  • Go to Plugins >> Add New to install & activate a tab block on your site. We’re using Kadence Blocks for Gutenberg.
  • Open your ‘Newsletter Archive’ page.
  • Add the Tabs block to your page and select a layout.
  • Give each tab a title.
Gutenberg tab block by Kadence Blocks - creating a newsletter archive on a WordPress website

Step 3: Add PDF files to your page

  • Upload your PDF newsletter files for the current year by inserting file blocks into your first tab.
    • Note, you can change the name of your PDF once it has been uploaded.
    • Members can click on the ‘download’ button for quick access to your newsletter.
    • If you choose not to display the ‘download button’, members can click on a newsletter title to open.
Newsletter archive, upload PDF files, insert in tabs block

Update your page to save your changes. That’s it. Your members now have quick access to all information offered in previous newsletters! Test out your page to make sure it’s working.

Tutorial: create a newsletter archive on a WordPress website

Exclusive Member Downloads

Ready to take your membership offerings to the next level? Add exclusive members-only downloads that are included with your member benefits. This is especially effective if you are able to offer industry specific software, resources or other tools that members are not able to access elsewhere or would need to pay a premium for.

Your members may also value the convenience factor of having access to resources that have been curated and packaged for them, since this can save them spending a lot of time gathering it themselves.

Steps to create

  • Create a new page.
  • Add the page to your site menu.
  • Populate the page with exclusive content, downloadable files, videos, links to additional resources, etc.
  • Restrict access to this content by activating the members-only feature in the free Member Manager plugin.
  • Select which membership levels have access to the content.

Congratulations, you’ve just created yet another reason for your members to renew their memberships… continued access to all the great resources you provide!

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