Member claimed Business Directory listings

Use this WordPress plugin to let your members claim & update their Business Directory listings

As your organization grows, keeping membership listings updated can become a big job.  Having an up-to-date Business Directory is one of the most valuable resources on your website and offering member claimed Business Directory listings and letting members make their own updates, can make your life a lot easier.

Member claimed Business Directory listings

Using the Member Updater plugin, your members can claim their Business Directory listing, add additional editors and update their listing as needed. Giving this power to directly to your members, takes the pressure off staff and volunteers, freeing them up for other tasks.

Add a ‘Claim my Business’ form to your site. Invite your members to register to update their own Directory listing. When a member fills out the request to become an Editor, an email is sent to both the site admin and the Business owner for verification. This approval process helps keep your Directory secure from unknown editors.

Member Submitted Events

The Member Updater plugin also lets your members add their own events to your event calendar. Members can login to their account page to submit an event. You will receive a notification that a new event is waiting for approval. Approved events will automatically appear on your calendar.

Learn More about how the Member Updater plugin works.

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Note: The Member Updater requires the Business Directory, Member Manager and CRM plugins to be installed. Download all 3 of these free Chamber Dashboard plugins here!